Raymond and Peter

Shut Up Little Man!


Ever had the urge to listen to two of the most ornery, drunken and misanthropic senior citizens argue with each other on a daily basis. Ever wonder what a pure distillation of misanthropy sounds like? To hell with crank call cds, these are the sounds of two men who despise one another and do so in such colorful ways. If you think it is cruel that two men surreptitiously recorded every insult and threat, take a listen and you will become sympathetic. Now, we all have annoying neighbors, but Raymond and Peter are quite different. They may possess the most colorful, profane and ridiculous vocabulary these tender ears have ever heard.

Here is the situation. Two gentlemen moved into a San Francisco apartment and were shocked by the violent tirades of their elderly neighbors. After a period of time, they decided that their conversations were sickly fascinating and began taping their quarrels and flights of fancy. The cast consists of Raymond Huffman and Peter Haskett as well as Peter’s gay lover Tony, an ex-member of the military with a love of the weed. Tony causes some homoerotic friction between the two on many occasions.

These diatribes include disputes over missing vodka, missed rent payments, disappointing dinners and Raymond’s homophobic statements. Their neighbors eventually build up the courage to begin crank calling them to continue their payback for many sleepless nights. Raymond is awoken and declares that he “was a mean mother fucker in his time and that Tony is one too” and eventually agrees to a duel outside of a seedy pub that is rightly called O’Looney’s. It is a depressing, but hilarious peek at two hateful souls who absolutely deserve each other. Raymond and Peter are such unlikable souls that you almost wish they would put each other out of their misery. It will make you have less respect for humanity.