These Are Not Fall Colors (K 1994) (NEW LINK)

There once was a time where you couldn’t simply click on a link and drag titles to a playlist and burn a mix in mere minutes. My formative years were spent with grubby and worn mixtapes that took hours to complete. It was a pain in the ass to fast-forward past songs and you tended to listen to entire mixes and albums since, for better or worse, you were along for the ride. The benefit of this format was that I tended to listen to the same things over and over until they grew on me.

Lync’s These Are Not Fall Colors was one of these albums. Initially, it seemed like a pedestrian K/Kill Rock Stars punk screamer in the vein of early Unwound and Drive Like Jehu. However, I loved me some Unwound, so I kept listening to it since the songs were raw, loud and poppy enough to inject some adrenaline into my weary form. Eventually, the duds transformed into diamonds in the rough and my likes turned into loves.

This album was released on K Records in 1994 and its members contributed to Beck’s One Foot in The Grave and went on to form the excellent 764-Hero as well as Love in Laughter and Satisfact. However, These Are Not Fall Colors stands as the pinnacle of these musicians’ careers. It’s noisy, brash and sloppy, but sad and weary at the same time. It predates emo and serves as a blueprint for the genre that was trampled and ruined by many lesser souls. Sam Jayne’s vocals are so hoarse and pleading that he’s able to make his sweet sentiments sound much tougher than they really are. One of the hidden punk or indie-pop gems of the 90s, Lync deserves your attention and hopefully your love.