Just in case you were curious about today’s vibe.

Cate Le Bon-What’s Not MineAmen Dunes-Ethic Song
Lavender Flu-Those That Bend
Sarah Mary Chadwick-Aquarius Gemini
Boomgates-Whispering or Singing
1910 Fruitgum Company-1,2,3 Red Light
Velvet Underground-What Goes On(Version Two from the Matrix Tapes)
Family Portrait-Other Side
The Stevens-Teenage Satellites
Arp-Judy Nylon
Who’s Who-Hypnodance
The Baird Sisters-On and On
Stalk-Forrest Group-What is Quicksand?
Dick Diver-Waste the Alphabet
Broken Water-Say What’s on Your Mind
Reverend Charlie Jackson-God’s Got It
Universal Togetherness Band-Ain’t Gonna Cry
Sad Lovers and Giants 50:50