M83-Don’t Save Us From the Flames (Superpitcher remix)


Well, this is the other fine example of Kompakt shoegazing discussed in the earlier post. This one may actually best the M83 remix below. Maybe it is because it lasts for 12 minutes. Just look at the man. If that doesn’t look like a man who is ready to pounce on your bones, then I’m a eunuch. To quote a certain belligerent canine puppet, “I kid, I kid.” This one has it all: repetitive, throbbing beats, ethereal crescendos, fey vocals and a slinky vibe that I could listen to all day. It’s only one track, but what a doozie it is!


Run Into Flowers(Remixed by Jackson and his Computer Band)


It is uncommon to find a track that oozes sensuality. I don’t mean sleaze or cheap thrills, but the pulsating, fuzzy kind of sensuality where each drugged beat pulsates and recreates the awkward moments before a first kiss. This track somehow takes the Kompakt label’s narcotic beats and melds it to the amniotic sac of the best shoegaze and ambient circa early 90s and the result is a track which I have listened to incessantly. This songs cries out for a genre that hasn’t yet been fully explored and I hope some warped soul starts specializing in shoegaze via Kompakt by was of Basic Channel.