Today’s Mood #1

November 1, 2009

Sometimes a whole album doesn’t quite lift the fingers onto my grubby keyboard. I can’t quite muster the oomph necessary to inflate my words past that one song that is slowly worming its way into my daily thoughts. Plus, sometimes I just want to say my ephemeral peace and move onto other chores in my daily agenda. Anyhow, this will be the first of a frequent series of posts devoted to a single song. If I find myself whistling it in the morn, you can be sure I will be sharing it in the eve.

Bill Fay

“Garden Song” from s/t album

Prevailing winds have blown a big ass storm into my general vicinity, so here I sit waiting for the beginning of the World Series. To be honest, the anticipation is akin to the mosquito-covered tootsies depicted above my worrisome words. However, I walked into my backyard and blankly stared at my ghetto garden as the rain nourished the weeds and I thought of this song. This is kind of ill-fitting since it romanticizes death and his subsequent burial so he can commune with roots and maggots. Dude even goes so far as to devote lyrics to his conversations with muddy critters that pick and poke at his own personal compost pile. It’s a fitting tune for this Halloween as it literally explores the old-fashioned ditty where the “worms crawl in , the worms crawl out, the worms play pinochle in your snout.” Well, my father was known to take liberties with his vocal interpretations of children’s song, so I may be speaking to an empty room.

Anyhow, “Garden Song” possesses such a morbid grace. Fay eloquently waxes about the beauty of nature and the cyclical nature of our existence using a simple garden as an obvious, but effective metaphor for hippie ideals where yesterday’s ashes blossom another day. It is a song about sad conclusions and how they ultimately lead to rebirth. Fay celebrates surrender because he knows that this can only lead to a new battle tomorrow.Ha! I guess that is the reason I am anxiously awaiting the start of Phillies game in hope of late night redemption.