My name really isn’t Kent Tekulve, although I loved his sidearm delivery and sinkerball as a child. He also sported a pair of thick-ass glasses which endeared him to me even more. I used to work as a music journalist for some fine rags and am enjoying the sharing of my favorite albums. I try to stick to out of print and obscure releases, but if you want something removed, it will be done immediately if you email me at If you would like weekly updates, you can befriend us at

6 Responses to “About”

  1. Thierry Says:


    Would happen to have the tracklisting to the 4th CD of the 13th Floor Elevators (“Avalon 1966 at Ballroom San Francisco”)? the titles were not tagged.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Mozb Says:

    Excellent blog. Love the variety. Major props for Grenadine, Stretchheads,the KBD series and Joe McPhee in particular.

  3. giles Says:

    thanks for the records.
    love from australia

  4. rudy krash n burn Says:

    Really you of all ppl.

  5. David Stoller Says:

    Alternative Press was my bible from 96 to 2001. I couldn’t have asked for a better guide to turn me into a young music freak. The review section was phenomenal and ahead of its time in promoting a wide variety of music from psych rock to avant hip hop to death metal. What was your reviewer name if you don’t mind my asking. I loved Dave Segal, Bill Cohen and others. Love the blog!

    David Stoller

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