One Cross Apiece/Put it in Writing 7-inch



I fondly remember the moment when Drive Like Jehu came to play Philly on their Yank Crime tour. To this day, that album still punches me in the gut and hasn’t lost the immediacy and rush that jolts me alive when the opening to “Here Comes the Rome Plows” kicks in and everything is alright with the world for the next seven minutes. Therefore, my younger and hopelessly awkward doppleganger raced to the front of that seedy bar and basked in all that can be transcendent about those shows where everything goes right and each song drives you a few inches closer to losing your motherfucking mind. It happened that summer night and I swore allegiance to everything having to do with Rick Froberg from that moment onwards. I’ve stuck to my guns since then, so I now embrace the new single by his latest band, Obits.

What I love most about Obits is they fulfill my long festering wish to hear a punk band obsessed with Credence Clearwater Revival since these two seemed like a natural combo ala peanut butter and jelly. Yeah, half of their stuff veers a bit into the bro vibe of his previous band Hot Snakes, but the other half is so mind-bogglingly great and grooves in such a scruffy, intense way. Froberg channels John Fogerty, but reimagines him as a much more aggro fellow and somehow CCR marrying Drive Like Jehu makes perfect sense. This new single reaffirms my faith my love of a good riff as “One Cross Apiece” relies on a repetitive one that walks a fine line between Devo and Queens of the Stone Age. Now that is a questionable combo ala pretzels and salsa, but it somehow works some magic and gets the head a-noddin’ and the toes a-tappin’. Eventually it gives way to some Peter Hook-esque bassline and Froberg starts ranting about some apocalyptic world where God speaks through men and uses him to defeat his enemies. The flipside is all about furious strumming of guitars and furious pleading and it reveals yet another side of a man whose music has yet to disappoint this humble soul.