Various Artists-Killed by Death Vols. 6&7

Volume 6:

Volume 7:

Man, there are fifteen volumes of this series to post and I’d like to return to fey daydreams of lanky gentlemen strumming their precious guitars. However, a promise is a promise, so I’m gonna start posting these in twos to speed up the process. To be honest, volume five is a bit of letdown, but six is almost as good as the first three volumes. Volume seven is good, not great. As I have stated before, the worst of this series is still light years beyond much of what was released between 1977-1982.

Volume Six
Kids-This is Rock ‘n Roll
Funeral Dress-Army Life
Dirt Shit-Exit
Insults-Just a Doper
Ed Nasty & The Dopeds-You Sucker
Hitler SS-Slave
Tampax-UFO Dictator
Revenge 88-Neon Lights

Screaming Urge-Homework
Frantix-My Dad’s a Fucking Alcoholic
Psykik Volts-Totally Useless
Fire Exit-Time Wall
Mark Truth & The Liars-Prisoners of Time
Se-Meilla Voisi Tunaau Olla Hauskaa

Volume 7
Village Pistols-Big Money
Fire Exit-Time Wall
Rude Norton-Tits on the Beach
Chain Gang-My Fly
Guilty Razors-I Don’t Wanna Be Rich
Ed Nasty & The Dopeds-I’m Gonna Be Everything
Absentees-Tryin’ to Mess With Me
Dot Vaeth Group-Armed Robbery

Cigarettes-They’re Back Again
Lost Kids-Cola Freaks
Fresh Color-The Source
Hated-Seize the Middle East
Maids-Back to Bataan
DDT-I’m Walking Down the Psychopath
Sperma-Zuri Punx (mislabeled-actually “Bomb” from the Zuri Punx 7″)
(not labeled)Ice 9-Out Out Out
MD-Manisch Depressiv

Various Artists

Killed by Death #2

I won’t ramble too long since my first post sums up my love for the series. However, this one is special because it is my favorite in the entire series. In fact, it may be my favorite collection of punk songs. The lyrics on a few songs are a bit too dude-centric and misogynistic for my blood, but I guess the world was due for punk anthems about STDs, analingus and brief interludes where just a blowjob will do. Tributes to serial killers also play a role here as the David Berkowitz and John Wayne Gacy get their inevitable punk tributes here. The Chain Gang’s tribute to Berkowitz “Son of Sam” is one of my favorites since it suggests what may happen if The Monks were hatched in the punk era. This is meathead music and I mean that as a compliment. I used to listen to this while taking the train to work to get myself prepared for a day of teaching high school in the inner city. I don’t know what that says about me. Maybe I am headed for my own personal version of Falling Down. Anyway, it’s a brilliant example of rock at its most raw, primal and catchy.

I will continue to post volumes 3-15 at my leisure.