Magicistragic Mix for November (NEW LINK)

didn’t feel much like rambling tonight, so here is another mix that it wholly unrepresentative of the month in which it was sired. It’s an eclectic mish-mash of African funk, twee posturing, hippie sentiments, strange punk tangents and assorted odds and ends. I can only hope you enjoy, appreciate and send it along to those who bring a smile to your noggin.


Dando Shaft-Coming Home to Me

I Faram I Gami-Mulatu Astake

Pastels-Million Tears


Luxury-Green Hearts

Rail Band-Maabayasa

Dororthy Morrison-I Can’t Go On Without You

Lennie Hibbert-Twilight Zone

Das Ding-HSTA

Gomez-Tijuana Lady

Grizzly Bear-A Simple Answer

John and Beverly Martin-John the Baptist

Bridget St. John-I Like to Be Out in the Sun

Michael Hurley-O My Stars

Lloyd Price-Coconut Woman

Mountain Goats-Shadow Song

Reilly and Mahoney-Wildman

Desperate Bicycles-I am Nine

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Magicistragic Mix for the Advent of Autumn

Time is tight here at my homestead, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a place for a serene soundtrack to make a moment feel like a mellow millennium. Yeah, fall seems a bit distant if you look at the calendar, but the temperature is dropping day by day and an orange tinge has tainted the trees in my neck of the woods if you look closely enough. Therefore, here is a haphazard collage of bruised and melancholy sounds to prepare you for your personal hibernation.

Julia Holter-Marienbad

The Magic Numbers-Mornings Eleven

Bridget St. John-Nice

Tony, Caro and John-The Snowden Song

Paul McCartney-Coming Up

Johnny Rivers-Midnight Special

Dadamah-Replicant Emotions

Bobby Jameson-Vietnam

The Ex-Caitkin

Wild Nothing-Nocturne

Here We Go Magic-Alone, but Moving

Pond-Sorry I Was Under the Sky

Leo Kottke-Vaseline Machine Gun

Goldfrapp-Eat Yourself

King Dude-Lucifer’s The Light of the World


Lemma Demissew-Lezelalem Nuri

Epic Soundtracks-She Sleeps Alone/Love Fucks You Up

Hoapili-Home Grown, Hawaii’s Own

The Lilys-Kodiak (Reprise)

Royal Trux-Stop