Various Artists

Killed by Death Vol. Five

Not compiled by the folks behind earlier volumes, the fifth installment in the Killed by Death series. It begins a slow decline in quality, but it’s 60% killer, the rest is sophomoric punk shits and giggles. Tags are a bit screwy, so here is the tracklisting.

Black Easter-What the Fuck
X-Terminators-Microwave Radiation
Molls-White Stains
Stalin-(title in Japanese)
Dieter Meier-Cry for Fame
Maggots-(Lets Get, Lets Get) Tammy Wynette
Cowboys-Teenage Life
Hubble Bubble-Look Around

Neo Punkz-If I Watch TV
RPA-Shoot the Pope
Teddy & the Frat Girls-Clubnite
Annonymous-Corporate Radio
Riot 303-Drugs
Cracked Actor-Nazi School
Stiphnoyds-Afraid of the Russians
Kids-No Monarchy
Hubble Bubble-Sweet Rot