Another round of re-ups resurrected for your Easter basket.

March 30, 2013

I killed my mediafire account before they could do me dirty. Hell, It’s Easter and I figured that I should offer a few measly eggs to the lonely souls who breeze through our humble pages. Don’t get too excited. All of this shit’s been posted before. I’m not going to pen even a solitary word about what transpires next. It’s just a pile of lukewarm leftovers to satisfy you until I the spirit moves me to tap that keyboard in all the right places yet again.

Kings of Convenience

Quiet is the New Loud

Soundtrack to “The American Dreamer”

Ali Farke Toure

Ni Foli

Ed Askew


Brian Eno and John Cale

Wrong Way Up

Bobby Charles


Allen Touissaint

Life, Love and Faith

Here is a duo worth your while.. The first two albums by Matt Suggs are so slept-upon it hurts my soul. Both kind of grow upon you in a way the best albums always do.

Matt Suggs

Amigo Row

Matt Suggs

Golden Days Before the End

2 Responses to “Another round of re-ups resurrected for your Easter basket.”

  1. kurt Says:

    thanks for improving my life in your own kind way, I particularly liked the ni foli album, so rough for so smooth an artist, great.

  2. nnn Says:


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