Magicistragic Mix for March

March 2, 2013

Magicistragic Mix for March(NEW LINK)

If I could make a mixtape and send it back in time to Indiana, PA circa 1994, my younger, longhaired and poorly dressed doppleganger would be so goddamn stoked and drink some shitty beer and have a special moment. Consider this my ode to my musical listening habits in the mid-90s even if half of it didn’t exist then.

Slant 6-Don’t You Ever


The Lilys-Ginger

Opal-Rocket Machine


Peaking Lights-Synthy

The Rentals-The Love I’m Searching For

Magic Circle-White Light

Ice Age-Coalition

Dead Meadow-Dusty Nothing

Meat Puppets-Magic Toy Missing

Endless Boogie-Taking out the Trash

Lync-Silver Spoon Glasses


Jay Reatard-Flourescent Grey

Drexciya-Polymono Pexusgel

Come-Power Failure

The Fall-Container Drivers

Flaming Lips-T.H.E. W.A.N.D.

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