Milk Music-Live at WFMU

July 27, 2012



Milk Music

Live at WFMU

Sorry it’s taken so long to begin posting vinyl rips from my collection, but the results kind of sucked, so I am waiting on a new pre-amp that my lovely wife purchased for me as an anniversary present. In the meantime, here is a blistering live set by Milk Music recorded for Brian Turner’s excellent program on WFMU. The picture kind of sums up the vibe. If you are unfamiliar with their work, please purchase their album, Beyond Living. However, I kind of think this live set is probably the best place to start as it succinctly encapsulates their obsession with the most sloppy, rollicking licks of the 90s via Dinosaur Jr. mixed with a bit of Thin Lizzy and the end result is one of those combos where you wonder why no band tried to combine the two before now. Actually, if you mix those two bands with the Wipers circa Youth of Today, then you might get a gist of how they float that boat. Since all three of these touchstones inspire a grin on my face, you might infer that I am kind of enamored with Milk Music, and you’d be right as rain.

I’m going camping next week, so expect little from my end until my return in a week or so. At that point, I should have my system hooked up to begin posting vinyl rips on here.

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