Les Olivensteins-Ep

December 2, 2011

Les Olivensteins



I must resist the need to be verbose here since there is not much to go on here. All I know is that Les Olivensteins recorded a fairly amazing ep in 1979. I know they are from France and that this ep seems like a sturdy bridge from the utterly brilliant 70s French rock comp Tetes Lourdes(which can be found on this site) to its punk rock cousin. All I know is both releases emanated from France and never fail to capture a sense of urgency and sloppiness that is lacking from music today. Totally catchy with a nasty streak a mile wide, Les Olivensteins is okay with me anytime. Both Tetes Lourdes and this ep give me hope there is some undiscovered golden age in 70s French music that will someday be discovered by your truly. Please school me if I am deaf, dumb and blind to something brilliant beyond Metal Urbain.

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