Killed by Death-Volume Ten

August 27, 2008

Various Artists

Killed by Death-Volume 10

I’ve been a bit lax with posting the series of Killed by Death comps. I am still missing volumes 11-14. If anyone could send me these to post, it would be an entirely wonderful act. Again, the quality dips slightly with each succeeding volume, but it still contains so many slabs of angst and rage. Personally, I like to go running and listen to these as a way to inspire hate towards the treadmills and roads on which I race.

Vomit Pigs-Useless Eater
Tragics-Laughing Lover
Desendants-Unnational Anthem
63 Monroe-Hijack Victim
Executives-Jet Set
Grim Clone Band-Heat’s Rising, Jehovah’s Witness
Cringe-Spit on Your Grave
Voodoo Idols-We Dig Nixon
Red Squares-Time Change

Gentlemen Of Horror-God Knows You By Name
Normals-Almost Ready
Discords-Dead Cubans
Trend-Band Aid
Count Vertigo-X-Patriots
Unnatural Axe-The Creeper
Skinnies-Out of Order
Sick & The Lame-Ate Days a Week

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