Shirl Milete-s/t

August 6, 2008

Shirl Milete

s/t (1969 Poppy)

I cannot find much info about Shirl Milete and am curious about this guy’s career outside of the one album he released. He covers Townes Van Zandt on his self-titled debut, but that is all I could find on the internet. A friend sent me a vinyl rip of this last month and it has grown on me quite a bit.

I guess you could pigeonhole Shirl Milete as a part of the outlaw country movement, but there is a hint of flower power amidst the gruff tales of cocaine abuse, draft dodging and lives spent in poverty. Shirl’s voice sort of reminds me of a cross between Mickey Newbury and Johnny Cash and its kind of sad that he didn’t do anything after this impressive debut. I think I am drawn to the oddball psychedelic elements that seem so out of place on this good ol’ boy country album. He does a bizarro tune called “Love Child(Where will You Go” that has a soul chorus, piano vamping and orchestral crescendos as he bemoans the free love lifestyle of the hippies. However, he also pens a draft dodging ode called “I Wonder if Canada’s Cold” that attacks the Vietnam War and celebrates the strength involved in saying no to an unjust war. Whoever arranged the instrumentation on this album deserves an award since this is such a lush and subtly trippy album that isn’t quite country, pop or psych. It is all over the place and its eclecticism is what keeps drawing me back to this mysterious album. Feel free to fill in the banks if you know anything about Shirl Milete.

12 Responses to “Shirl Milete-s/t”

  1. chas Says:


    any chance i can download some tracks from your vinyl rip?

    i heard a track by shirl milete on a country soul compilation years ago
    and have been trying to find some more of his tracks ever since


  2. john fitz Says:

    great stuff

  3. M. G. Still Says:

    Today I discovered Shirl Milete through a 45 with a poppy decoration on the label, but no label name. “I Wonder If Canada’s Cold” is backed with “Ain’t That Sad” and both songs were written by Shirl Milete. Producers are Jim Malloy and Lamar Fike (who was one of the “Memphis Mafia”). I found the 45 in the Memphis area.

  4. Remo Schorel Says:

    Elvis Presley recorded two songs of witch Singer/Songwriter
    Shirl Milete wrote. My little Friend & the beautiful song called Live. I looked all over the internet for a cd from Shirl Milete because I like his voice and his songs Big Country Blues and I’ll Be Here in the Morning. Can anybody PLEASE, PLEASE sent me any Shirl Milete mp3´s from his one and only lp or other tracks? THANKS!!!
    Sincerely, Remo

  5. madhatter Says:

    i can ask his grandson if you like. if he wants to help out maybe i can give some more insite into his life a bit.

  6. jess Says:

    here are a couple links of songs his grandson put up i thought you might want to hear them, there are more as you go along, he just drove to make a vid to them.

  7. scott Says:

    If you look back at Elvis during the 60’s you will find many songs written by Shirl. He played I believe with Elvis, and Waylon.

  8. Remo Schorel Says:

    This is great! Thanks for the video’s! Now more people can discover the good voice and great writership of Shirl Milete.

    Still wish i could have this on cd. But Thanks again.

    Sincerely, Remo

  9. Jess Says:

    😀 glad you guys liked em I’ll see if he wants to post some more maybe.

  10. Jenn Says:

    My Grandma was Shirl’s sister.

  11. I was a good friend of Shirls and he was a true musician. He helped me get started RIP my brother.

  12. Cherry Hinkle Says:

    Back in 1969-1972, I knew Shirl Milete. He’s a true artist with a beautiful soul. Very spiritual, kind and always willing to help others. I haven’t seen him since those Nashville days – but you can bet your last taco I never forgot him. I’d love to hear from him again – just to let him know the impact he made in my spiritual life. I doubt anyone ever forgets Shirl.

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