Various Artists

Killed by Death Vols 8.5 and 9

Vol. 8.5:

Vol 9:

The next two installments in the series of comps documenting the seedy underbelly of punk rock circa 1978-1982. Again, neither match the first three installments, but there are plenty of amazing tracks in the morass of sophomoric sentiments and sloppy seconds. Best heard at top volume, these comps are full of testosterone and ham-fisted abuse of instruments.

Volume 8.5

Toxin III-I Rock I Ran
Cosmetics-Twinkie Madness
Reactors-L.A. Sleaze
Haskels-Takin’ the City By Storm
Dow Jones & The Industrials-Can’t Stand the Midwest
Crucified-Let the Kids Play
Uncalled 4-Grind Her Up
Snuky Tate-Stage Speech

Public Disturbance-S & M
Vast Majority-I Wanna Be a Number
Styphnoids-Mom’s a Fake
Turnbuckles-Super Destroyer Mark II
Shit Dogs-Killer Cain
John Vomit & the Leather Scabs-Punk Rock Star
Latin Dogs-Killed In Jail
Insults-Population Zero
Matchheads-Pearl Harbor/Fat Bitch

Volume 9

Tapeworm-Break My Face
Tapeworm-Blues for an Insurance Salesman
Crap Detectors-Police State
Corpsicles-Big Doings
Panics-I Wanna Kill My Mom
Epicycle-You’re Not Gonna Get It
Accident-Kill the Bee Gees
Jetsons-Suicidal Tendencies

Hammer Damage-Laugh
Shirkers-Drunk & Disorderly
Vains-School Jerks
Gizmos-Amerika First
La Peste-Better Off Dead
Sado Nation-On Whom They Beat
X Blank X-You’re Full of Shit
Breakouts-In Vagueness Deal
Ice Nine-Revolting Mess