Throwing Muses – Live on MSN 1997

June 24, 2008

Throwing Muses

Live on MSN 1997

I used to be a music director at a certain Western PA college radio station and many oddities would cross my desk. Some were horrific like a late 90s Jesse Colin Young album with a nude portrait of the artist, but others were kind of wonderful. One of these lovely occurrences was the day that MSN decided to jump on the alt-rock bandwagon and commission a series of live sets to be played on our station. Some sucked, but others ranged from amazing to interesting. The only one I still have in my possession is this one by  Throwing Muses in 1997 to support the underwhelming Limbo album.

Personally, I feel that the band ran out of steam after The Real Ramona in 1991, but Red Heaven and University had their moments. However, the band responsible for one of the best debuts in the 80s can slack all they want. Admittedly, much of this live set draws from the mid 90s, but there is a great version of “Two Step” from The Real Ramona” so all is well in my world. It is professionally recorded and sounds like an official live album, but you do have to deal with the occasional voiceover from a MSN tool.

2 Responses to “Throwing Muses – Live on MSN 1997”

  1. j.p. Says:

    I love their hats, though I don’t really remember them going through a Blossom phase.

  2. Orrin Says:

    Wow, I have to disagree with you about Limbo. It’s one of those records that was a slow-burn for me. One of the few that I stuck with despite it not grabbing me immediately, that has paid me back over time. But all that aside, Limbo is a record that both rocks and swings, and that’s good enough for me.

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