Moonshake – First ep (Creation 1991)

June 13, 2008


First ep (Creation records 1991)

I picked this up at 3rd St. Jazz and Rock in Philadelphia as a curious high schooler and this ep really blew open my synapses. God, I miss that store. I can’t imagine a better playground for a teenage music junkie as it offered easy access to many of the artists I love today.

Moonshake was formed from a dubious well. Dave Callahan was the most “recognizable” figure inthe band, but his previous project The Wolfhounds, were responsible for a bunch of mediocre C86 era music that was promising, but ultimately disappointing. Salvation came in the form of Margaret Fiedler and John Frenett who pushed the envelope by adding elements of dub while taking the lethargic shoegaze scene to louder territories explored only by My Bloody Valentine and the Telescopes. Their usage of samples and electronic loops made the ep even more trailblazing in comparison with contemporaries hailed by the NME and Melody Maker.

It isn’t surprising that Fiedler and Frenett went on to form Laika as the seeds of their love of oddball dubby electronic pop songs were apparent on some of these tracks. However, I always loved how this ep was recorded because it would suddenly jump from calm to chaos as the guitars would shift into full-on noise on a few occasions. I loved how they jumped from mellow and ethereal to nasty and belligerent in a split-second. Their follow-up, Big Good Angel amplified the dub and electronic musings over the psychedelic road, but it somehow worked better. They left to form Laika, but Moonshake were still pretty good, but missed Fiedler’s vocals.

3 Responses to “Moonshake – First ep (Creation 1991)”

  1. sven Says:

    Thanks for this little gem among blogs here – maybe the First ep by Moonshake will get reuploaded someday – but in any case, I would like to share a little here too – the following 3 links include

    Moonshake, a couple small ep CD releases included, And about 8 other artists singles of which 5 I am wondering if anyone out there can ID the songs so I might aquire better quality versions – the Moonshake and 3 odd singles are from bought CDs so quality is studio – but the 5 songs I just can not ID are from radio to cassette tapes I made back in the 80s when I was in Community College on Cape Cod and digitized not so many years ago, so the quality is varied and some songs are cut a little short – but if you like this blogs’ mixes, I bet you will enjoy much of what I share here

    zip title – Moonshake Plus

    next is 10 various songs from CD’s, all labled, 7 songs from radio to cassette to digitized by me of which some are with accurate tags and others I don’t know artist and would like to know, and an old tape side mix from radio that is a little rough in a couple tracks, has a rough cut version of Moonshake’s Coward for instance, but all in all I think worth the download and listen

    zip title Moonshales (just for fun)

    lastly is zip title Moonrocks – don’t mind me, I got a Geology degree in college in between the music – this batch of music is just an extra for your sampling taste(ear)buds – ha!

    And thanks again to Magistragic for his many mixes – after enjoying the few I have downloaded I’m aiming for checking out a few more – so much music, so little time . . .

    from sven

  2. sven Says:

    sorry – on my last comment I forgot the actual link – here it is

    Link is for –
    lastly is zip title Moonrocks – don’t mind me, I got a Geology degree in college in between the music – this batch of music is just an extra for your sampling taste(ear)buds – ha!

  3. sven Says:

    Looking at what I uploaded late last night – there is probably a bit more synthesizer in some of those songs than would be typical for this blog – but there are also good tracks in each download that fit in right at home here on this blog – so I leave it to magicistragic’s admin to either leave the 3 links I created as is for all to decide for them-self’s, or, to distill out a preferred selection to maybe include in future mixes or whatever download desired to promote here.

    Enjoy the music!

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