M83 Run into Flowers (Jackson remix)

June 11, 2008


Run Into Flowers(Remixed by Jackson and his Computer Band)


It is uncommon to find a track that oozes sensuality. I don’t mean sleaze or cheap thrills, but the pulsating, fuzzy kind of sensuality where each drugged beat pulsates and recreates the awkward moments before a first kiss. This track somehow takes the Kompakt label’s narcotic beats and melds it to the amniotic sac of the best shoegaze and ambient circa early 90s and the result is a track which I have listened to incessantly. This songs cries out for a genre that hasn’t yet been fully explored and I hope some warped soul starts specializing in shoegaze via Kompakt by was of Basic Channel.

2 Responses to “M83 Run into Flowers (Jackson remix)”

  1. Callam 'Doogle' lawless Says:

    thank you, i have been looking for this song everywhere, it truly is an amazing song. i first heard it on a 2 hour long mix by Justice, and the minute the song came in shivers ran down my spine. there arent many song that can compare to this one.

    thank you!

    p.s may i also suggest to you that you check out jackson and his computer band (if you havent already) it isnt as good as this remix but its still pretty mindblowing as far as music goes, very strange. 🙂

    • Kotaro Says:

      I’m going to have to agree with Doogle on this one. He took the words right out of my mouth when I read his comment. I downloaded the justice essential mix along with the tracks that were on it, and this one was one of my favorites throughout the whole mix. I’m really disappointed with the rest of Jackson and his Computer Band’s tracks. They lack…rhythm to some degree, or maybe the rhythm he puts into his music is just beyond me. If I could find more of this kind of genre of music, I’d be hooked for a LONG time.

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