Mia Doi Todd – Come Out of Your Mine

June 9, 2008

Mia Doi Todd

Come Out of Your Mine


It is such a shame that this is the last album of hers that I can recommend because her first two albums are some of the most literate, melancholy folk/indie-pop albums of the past decade. She still possesses that otherworldly voice, but attempts at commerciality have eroded her vision and voice. However, her followup to The ewe and Eye continues the grand steps of the debut. It is a shame this was released in the late 90s because woodland youngsters of all shapes and sizes would swoon for the sounds found herein. If you have love in your heart for the Meg Bairds, Joanna Newsomes, and Fern Knights of the world, then you should nuzzle up this warm, homespun recording.

Songs of murdered lovers, battleships parked in the Charles River, unrequited affections and broken bones litter her lyrics. At times, her fantastical lyrics remind me of the Handsome Family and to a lesser extent, the Harry Smith Folk Anthology. Anyway you slice this loaf, it is an inviting album that creates a soothing cocoon for all who listen.

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