Alice Coltrane – Transfiguration

June 9, 2008

Alice Coltrane Transfiguration

Disc One:

Disc Two:

I owned Ptah, the El Daoud for years and filed it away in a corner for that one glorious afternoon where it would magically burst from its shelving and place itself into my cd player. Sadly, that day never came and its explosive potential remained hidden. Other albums which currently occupy this purgatory include Bill Fox;s Transit Byzantium, a couple Derek Bailey records and some Mo Wax comps that I believe to future obsessions hampered by the fact that I just haven’t given enough of a shit to physically place them into a cd tray. Alice was one of the few who escaped the force of my musical inertia and the proverbial boo-boo jeebies were blown loose by what was heard, loved and appreciated.

An ex-girlfriend amplified this newfound love as she enjoyed the free-jazz as background music for cooking, cleaning and the like. Who was I to complain and I gained an even more thorough love of Mrs. Coltrane music during such mundane tasks as cleaning toilets and gutting fish. I think these actions made me love her even more. One album wasn’t enough and I immediately snapped up the Sepia-Tone reissues of her 70s work when they released years back. They all shined like stars, but one was a literal supernova of free-form brilliance. It didn’t hurt that parts sounded like the sounds of a Pac-Man game filtered through a hallucinogenic sieve. In case you are unaware, Alice was married to John Coltrane and contributed to some of most brilliant works.

This is a live recording of her appearance at UCLA on April 16, 1978 and she is backed by Reggie Workman and Roy Haynes. Alice plays the organ and piano in a way I’ve never quite heard before. It is as if she is creating a sacred music or battling vicious demons. I’ve never been able to differentiate between each path. It contains the sounds of someone finding redemption and meaning through music and that is reason enough for you to click a friggin’ mouse.

One Response to “Alice Coltrane – Transfiguration”

  1. xscriabin Says:

    Thanks for “Transfiguration”. Check out Alice’s last album before her death, “Translinear Light”, released in 2004. It is great.

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