Jesse Colin Young-Live at Sausalito Record Plant 7/25/1975

June 8, 2008

Jesse Colin Young

Live at Sausalito Record Plant 7/25/1975

I first encountered this lovely slice of stoned country-folk on a warm June evening where a friend roasted some fish and we imbibed to our heart’s content. It was a lively night where we all bid farewell to a close friend and we listened to mellow sounds and shot the shit. Discussion shifted to the Youngbloods and the genius of the first few Jesse Colin Young records. He replied that he had to play this bootleg of his mid 70s work that included a ten minute opus about the joys of living on a ridgetop. It was creatively entitled “Ridgetop.”

“Ridgetop” deserved in own genre or a place in the pantheon of rock epics as it begins with a sultry slice of saxophone while another tickles the keys like there is some serious foreplay happening before everyone gets down to some boogie rock business. It reminds me of Tony Joe White making sweet love Michael McDonald. It is so smooth, yet fried as he shares his desire to escape humanity and live near a squirrel sanctuary and embrace the simple life. It is so overblown for such a humble sentiment. The rest of the bootleg is just as good. If your old lady or man loves some twang, pop this one on and make pretend it is Barry White.

One Response to “Jesse Colin Young-Live at Sausalito Record Plant 7/25/1975”

  1. Milo Says:

    I’ve been searching for this show for a long time now. My dad taped it off the radio when it first aired and has since worn the tape nearly completely down. I immediately fell in love with this recording as well and copied his old tape over to CD to avoid any further degradation.
    He would be extremely happy to have a new, clean version but the mediafire link doesn’t go anywhere. If it were at all possible for the show to be re-posted I would be exceedingly grateful.

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